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Resources, Learning & Development Opportunities

Resources and information regarding continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and events useful to teachers and organisations will be posted on this page as research and development progresses.


Dance Unstuck Symposium, Royal Academy of Dance, London (Friday 22 September 2017)

Facilitator: Michele Taylor

This event was facilitated by Michele Taylor and attended by 39 interested stakeholders (click here for attendee list).  The schedule was designed to:

a) provide background information on Dance Unstuck, Universal Design of Instruction and our approach to the studio research (click here to download Jürg Koch’s presentation)

b) present research findings and facilitate panel / audience input around what has been ‘unstuck’ and what challenges remain (click here to see the summary of findings)

c) facilitate workshops and positive action-planning around the following key questions highlighted by the research:

  • What support is needed to enable examining / teacher training bodies to find their own teacher training model(s) and/or exam or progression procedures and guidelines to widen inclusion and access?
  • What might an inspiring, thought-provoking advocacy campaign look like; to raise a sense of excitement around how a greater diversity of dancers could enrich perceptions of what ballet ‘is’ or could be?
  • What training and / or support do you think dance teachers need to enable more confident engagement with the Disability community?
  • What funding model(s) and local infrastructure are needed to enable improved access to private and/or community dance classes at grassroots level?
    (click here to download summary notes of the workshop discussions)

    Exploration of UD Practice Events:

    The Dance Unstuck team have facilitated a range of packages and resources through which to give teachers and dance artists practical insight into, and to share practice around, the UD-informed teaching approach.

    In 2017, this has included:

    • a half-day CPD event in partnership with Candoco Dance Company (led by Jürg Koch)
    • a 3-day artists’ intensive at the University of Gloucestershire
    • an exploration of the practice in Watford with partner Para Dance UK and in Newport with partner Ballet Cymru.

    If you are interested in a Universal Design of Instruction practical exploration of practice session, please contact us.


    Find your own pace and move together, The Application of Universal Design of Instruction in Dance Degrees in Higher Education (paper by Jurg Koch)

    Jurg Koch CPD Handout, 20 April 17