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Centre: Waltz Catalogue

Form and/or Function

Waltz is often used in travelling phrases that move from the kinesphere in the centre to going across the floor. It incorporates balancé movements with a variety of articulations, turns and jumps.

Notes on our approach

The waltz offers possibilities to connect working on a specific quality (swing) and progressing from the kinesphere to going across the floor. This is a more extensive section. We moved from exploring the waltz swing to exploring a selection of specific score elements, which the dancers connected and developed into their individualised phrases.

Exploration and Setting:

We explored different possibilities to perform and experience the swing in waltz. We worked with the compound three and the three in subdivision, with body parts in isolation and the whole of the body.  Also see Glossary notes on setting.

Score Elements:

  • 1 x 8 (eight barres of threes) One swing each in changing body parts
  • 1 x 8 One shift with the whole of the body (down – up)
  • 1 x 8 Swing and subdivision in changing body parts, 1-2-3
  • 1 x 8 Shift and subdivisions in the whole of the body, 1-2-3


In this series, we moved from the waltz swing exploration to developing individualised travelling phrases.

  • This can be repeated with a different selection of score elements which work on other specific skill ranges e.g. turning, extensions, etc.
  • The same process can of course also be applied to other movement qualities, meters and dance forms (Mazurka, Tarantella, etc.)
  • As always, the movement could be set at this point, added to and exchanged in a drop and join process

Observation Tasks

  • Where do you see the dancers have the most clarity with the score elements?
  • What would be your feedback for them?