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Centre: Temps Lié - Variations

Form and/or Function

Notes on our approach

Building on the previous temps lié exercise the dancers are augmenting the taught, set phrase with movements of their choice. This increases the level of complexity and technical difficulty.

They do this twice: first by adding simultaneously (within the same amount of counts) and then by adding successively (extending the phrase length).


In the last version they exchange material with a partner through a drop and join process. This is a very concentrated application of the methodology in order to demonstrate its possibilities. In an average class, I would only use one or two devices and develop the material over a couple of weeks.  Click here to find out more about the methodology.

Exploration and Setting:

We initially explored the different ways of building variations (adding, drop and join etc.) in a workshop through improvisation. By exploring the set temps lié phrase with a resolve improvisation the dancers were asked to look for connections and possibilities to add to and expand the basic temps lié phrase.

They were tasked with setting their own challenges in terms of levels of difficulty and complexity. In doing so, they also demonstrate their understanding of their abilities and training needs. This process can be guided or left more open depending on the maturity of the dancers.  Also see Glossary notes on setting.

Score Elements:

Basic temps liés phrase augmented with material the dancers chose. This varies according to the level of experience and type of previous training.


  • Apply the same process to other phrase materal
  • Develop the phrase further through replace

Observation Tasks

  • Observe the different choices the dancers make
  • What would you say are they working on?
  • What would be your feedback and what would be an appropriate challenge or learning goal to set for them?