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Centre: Low & high - different set up - drop & join

Form and/or Function

The dancers still engage with a general warm up and improvisation as practised individually in the centre: low and high exercise. Being paired up, they are also applying the previously practised skills of translating and making choices with drop and join as seen in centre: mirroring.

Notes on our approach

We introduced and practiced the different skills separately and now bring them together in this exercise. Translating and drop and join are practiced with a more specific and timed score. These skills and are essential in an UD informed dance class and keep coming back, they eventually lead to developing individualised phrases and exchanging them with peer partners.

Exploration and Setting

This exercise was set directly as a development of previously practiced skills (see above). We used the same score elements and timings as set in centre: low and high. The dancers took turns in leading, while the partner translated and played drop and join.

Score Elements

One partner leads the full score, the other follows

  • Lead from low to high with the right arm (8 counts for each element)
  • Repeat left
  • Lead low/away and high with the right leg
  • Ditto left leg
  • Go low and high with the whole body
  • Move through space initiated by different body parts (2 x 8 counts)

Swap roles (not shown in video)


  • Refine the criteria for the improvisation
  • Swap the lead after one element in the score

Observation Tasks

  • Who is leading in each pair? Are they clear in the performance of the score?
  • What choices do the followers make in terms of translating, dropping and joining?