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Centre: Glissade

Form and/or Function

Glissades (gliding) barely leave the floor and are performed in all directions. They are usually used to prepare and lead into more elaborate travelling material and jumps.

Notes on our approach

The glissade exercise was introduced later in the week, building on the jump preparation and the temps lié exercise.

The simple box pattern was shared. Suzie adjusted the facing for the sideways shift for the wheelchair. One significant challenge in her version is the alternating grip pattern. This is a suggestion that can be further explored and developed.

This material is performed in two different tempos, challenging the dancers to perform with more fluency. For Suzie, the fast version was significantly pushing the tempo limit while maintaining the movement quality. This is absolutely fine for the class setting, but we may not have chosen this tempo for performance.

Exploration and Setting:

We explored the possibilities for the gliding motion and the different main directions with the dancers.  Also see Glossary notes on setting.

Score Elements:

  • Glissade forwards, sideways, backwards and sideways
  • Keeping the position, close over or under.


  • Clarify and develop the over and under possibilities
  • Use as a base phrase to augment by adding simultaneous or successive material

Observation Tasks

  • Check whether the dancers are consistent in their use of over and under when performing  the set pattern
  • How would you clarify this point?