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Barre: Articulations - Développé, Fondu, Enveloppé and Rond

Form and/or Function

Ballet works with many, highly specific leg articulations. One important task in class is to learn to differentiate between these different types of movement.

We worked with the following movements and definitions:

  • Développé: Unfolding to an extended reach, from near the body to far
  • Fondu: Folding on one supporting side while extending the other
  • Attitude: Longest possible curved extension
  • Enveloppé: Extended reach and folding in, from far from the body to near
  • End with a balance chosen by the dancer
  • Rond: A circular gesture around the body

Notes on our approach

This is a variation of the previously set tendu exercise. The discussion and setting of the tendus established much of the ground work necessary to explore and develop this catalogue of different movements.

Exploration and Setting:

We explored the different movements by improvising with various body parts and then applied these possibilities to the phrase set by the teacher. Also see general notes on setting.

Score Elements:

  • Développé forward, side and back
  • Enveloppé past the body to the front
  • Series of ronds (varying in numbers of repetitions)
  • Repeat starting to the back
  • End with a balance chosen by the dancer
  • Change side and repeat.


  • Vary the established material (directions, rhythm, tempo etc.)
  • Add specific arm and head material
  • Drop and join between partners.

Observation Tasks

  • What information do you think the dancers need to clarify their performance?
  • The dancers chose their own balance; what could be a next step in advancing this challenge?